Marketing tips for boutique hoteliers to consider post-Olympics

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The success of the Games has had a very big impact - motivationally and emotionally, giving the boutique hotel sector a great window of opportunity as the legacy hopefully builds in the years to come.

Differentiate the 'uniqueness' of your boutique hotel offering and tell your hotel's 'story' in a full and complete way. Reinvent aspects of your offering more often and adapt in real time. Embrace authenticity and guest experience,  focus on offering additional value whilst maintaining price levels -place less reliance on OTA's.

A lack of major sporting or cultural events in 2013, coupled with circa 10% more rooms coming onto the London boutique hotel scene over the next 12 months is going to make the marketplace more competitive.  Research and visit your competition often, and find out where Visit Britain intends to spend its £2 billion post-Olympic marketing budget. Compare how this relates to your guest profile. Try to extend your reach and 'piggyback' for new business opportunities and partnerships in these areas.

Place more emphasis on attracting the long-haul traveler and BRIC guest within a truly mobile-enabled world. Technological innovations are becoming more evenly distributed with 24 / 7 mass-market access. Over 60% of BBC Olympic footage was accessed via mobile for instance, and by 2015 one in every two people using the internet will be in Asia. Ensure the main entrance point to your website is optimized for mobile users. Bear in mind, people currently spend about 33% of their time on digital, mobile and internet and less than 10% on press.

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