A tale of two cities

George Sell By George Sell
Uploaded 07 October 2015

In the hospitality press, the Best Western rebrand and new logos will take precedence over the launch of the GLo brand, but the new arrival is an intriguing one.

When Best Western unveiled the Vib concept this time last year, it was sailing in to uncharted waters - a new-build boutique/lifestyle proposition aimed at millennial travellers, and with an emphasis on technology and social media sharing.

Vib has really taken off, with 14 properties under development at last count, and several more in the pipeline. So what is the thinking behind GLo, which is essentially a another new-build boutique/lifestyle brand with an emphasis on technology, focused on millennial travellers?

The answer seems to be driven by location. Vib is selected for key cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, and even Seoul, South Korea. But GLo is apparently aimed at "secondary" markets such as Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Quite what will happen when a developer in a perceived "secondary" city wants to build a Vib rather than a GLo remains to be seen, but if the new concept is as popular as Vib, then Best Western will be happy.

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