Quick Q&A: Olivier Lapidus, Hotel Felicien

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• What was your motivation for designing a hotel?
In my career as a fashion designer, I have always enjoyed combining new, high-tech materials with more traditional fabrics, and using innovative methods with age-old crafts. When I was approached to design Hotel Felicien, I saw the opportunity as a way to continue this approach; I was able to use innovative materials such as optic fibre fabrics and light panels with traditional materials such as leathers, metals, ceramics and wool.
For me, interior design was a natural progression from fashion design, and I was able to apply a lot of my experience as a fashion designer to designing Hotel Felicien; the optical fibre fabrics I used in my illuminated couture dresses have become the optical fibre curtains in the Hotel Felicien, the hand painted silk materials I used to create unique bespoke clothing, have become artworks on the hotel walls.
• What are the main similarities and differences in the creative processes involved with designing couture and interiors?

Fashion and interior design have many things in common; there is a craftsmanship, a tradition, a history as well as a technological element to both. I was able to use my experience working with textiles when designing the interiors of Hotel Felicien; the curtains, rugs, carpets, drapes, fabric panels on the walls; interior design is like the cousin of fashion design!
Designing furniture was a new challenge; but as with handbags or luggage, there is a harmony between metal and leather/fabric, so I found that interior and fashion design go hand in hand.

• What was your inspiration for the interiors at Hotel Felicien? Were you influenced more by the fashion world, or by other hotels you have seen?

Pure comfort was my inspiration. My background in textiles has given me an appreciation for the way fabrics and materials can make you feel in your surroundings. The fabric wall panels in the bedrooms ensure a peaceful stay; all excess noise is absorbed, the leather flooring on the ground floor means you can kick off your shoes and feel luxury underfoot, whilst the pure wool rugs in the bedrooms mean you can hop straight out of bed and feel as if you've slipped on your favourite pair of slippers.
I would say I was inspired more by fashion. I think Hotel Felicien is different from other hotels because it stems from the world of fashion and couture, so has a strong focus on quality materials and textiles, shapes and colours. I think Hotel Felicien will appeal to people with a love for great design and quality materials.
Lovers of art and fashion will feel at home at the Felicien. The couture designers with whom I have worked for the last 20 years have created the embellished hand-painted silk art works in the rooms, each work is exclusive. Each painting, each ambiance has been created with an obsessive attention to detail to ensure that the client receives the upmost in quality and comfort.

• Do you have plans to design any more hotels?

Absolutely! I would love to design more hotels and continue to develop my work with furniture, rugs, lamps and textiles, but I'd  also like to explore how I could incorporate more technology into my designs; televisions, computers, screens! Designing and creating comes naturally to me, and creating juxtaposition between luxury fabrics and technology is something that fascinates me.

• Which are your favourite hotels worldwide in terms of design?

The Mira Moon in Hong Kong for its bold and daring design, the Nell Hotel in Paris, which to me demonstrates complete style and chicness, the Ice Hotel in Sweden that takes design risks and the Crillon Hotel, Paris, because that's where I got married!

Hotel Felicien, an Elegancia Hotel, opens September 15th
Double rooms start from €199 per night
www.hotelfelicienparis.com +33 1 55 74 00 00
Hotel Felicien
21 Rue Felicien David
75016 Paris



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