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• Following the success of your NYC property, which other US markets - and indeed global markets - do you have in your sights?
Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, London and the Asia region - watch this space!

• What proportion of your business comes from corporate travellers? Do leisure guests use your properties too?
We do not differentiate between attracting our corporate or leisure hotel guests as both markets will book direct, there's no middle-man which helps us deliver the best value possible. There's a distinct blurring of the corporate and leisure guest market anyway - they are converging together generally, and I believe that will continue. It's super to see so many repeat 'corporate guests' being themselves - both Google and Yahoo! employees book direct which is great for us and them - not simply because they like our hotel offering, they have a set authorized spend and are encouraged to personally pocket any savings made, our $179 USD pricepoint is always very popular. 

• You have described Yotel as the iPod of the hotel industry - do you have plans to launch an iPad? ie a similar product with more space, perhaps less focused on corporate clients?
No, I don't see a requirement. Yotel New York has around 150 staff serving 669 rooms, that's enough. We aim to drive 'smart-thinking' amongst our hotel staff and guests - they can book by the hour at our London Heathrow and Amsterdam airport hotels too. Our value proposition is the location and adequate space offered (for the price). This coupled with the time saved with our check-in pods and super strength free Wifi is great for corporate and leisure guests alike.

• You have worked for Hyatt and Marriott in the past - how does your background with the global brands help you run a small independent hotel company?
I've made cheesecakes, laid the cutlery, done the cleaning and lots more in a variety of hotels. This coupled with my time at HVS has been a great pre-cursor for what Yotel aspires towards. 



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