What's in a name?

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Defining some of the properties in our sector has never been the easiest of jobs. The term boutique hotel is now widely known but still means different things to different people. For some, it's a numbers game, and anything with more than a set number of rooms falls outside the parameters. For others, it's to do with the feel and atmosphere of a property, for others still it's all about the design.

And now, to muddy the waters further, the concept of the budget boutique hotel is gaining momentum. The likes of CitizenM, The Hoxton, Qbic and others have pioneered the space, which is growing rapidly.

In our latest feature, Roxane Gergaud of Doris & Dicky - who, by the way, sets a limit of £100 per night for a hotel to qualify as budget boutique, talks about this niche and highlights some fascinating hotels.

If you want to know more, there will also be a panel discussing  the budget boutique phenomenon at this year's Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit, which takes place in London on May 23 and 24.


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