What does the future hold for Hotel Indigo in MENA?

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Q. What's at the heart of the Hotel Indigo brand experience?
A. We encourage our staff and guests to treat each other as neighbours, engaging in local culture. We're a global brand focused on trusted local and personalised experiences.
Q. Why is the first Hotel Indigo going to be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when there's already other perhaps more established locations and sophisticated travellers within the region?
A. In our view, Saudi Arabia is the best country to launch the brand in MENA.The hotel owner loves the brand, and is reassured as  part of the IHG portfolio. They trust the brand, like how it differentiates itself and will stand out within the community at the new financial city.
Q. What are the attributes of the Hotel Indigo guest?
A. They're generally younger, think differently, and are more aspirational.
Q. What's the rest of your pipeline like?
A. We have new Hotel Indigos scheduled to open in Thailand and our first resort opening in Bali shortly.The company has 24 hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia across numerous brands within our portfolio, and we expect the new Hotel Indigo guest profile to be 40% regional, 20% domestic and 40% international. Key MENA cities where we'd like to expand the boutique hotel brand pipeline include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Damascus and Jordan.
Q. What are the key differences between a Hotel Indigo within MENA and Europe?
A. Our MENA properties will be modern and larger (by European standards), engaging in local culture within an urban environment.
Q. What's your recruitment policy for the Saudi Arabian Hotel Indigo, and approach to women employees?
A. There's definitely more freedom for the people and women in Saudi now. We work closely with the Jeddah Ladies Club for our recruitment opportunities. We will employ around 40% of local Saudis - young Saudis who understand the hotel market and community, and how to lead. Our IHG Academy program has helped 9 students find jobs within the community and the new hotel. 

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