Quick Interview: Rooms4Owners' Emma McMurtie-Crawford

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We speak to an entrepreneurial hotelier solving excess accommodation capacity one room at a time.
With the sharing economy, exchange platforms and collaborative consumption currently on trend we speak to an entrepreneurial hotelier, solving excess accommodation capacity one room at a time.
When entrepreneur and owner of The Market Inn hotel in Castle Douglas, Dumfries, Emma McMurtie-Crawford welcomed fellow hoteliers staying at her hotel, she would always aim to make their stay more memorable from one hotelier to another.
And whilst looking for a solution to make her own travel accommodation requirements that little bit special, she reflected on how she could potentially start a business by creating a hotelier web room exchange community, enabling the purchase and sharing of unused inventory with no commission or advertising costs - and the idea of Rooms 4 Owners was born.
After asking fellow hoteliers she knew for feedback and conducting some online research, she amassed a hotelier database and started regular email campaigns whilst launching the website. "It was amazing - we had a really low unsubscribe rate, and our sign up rate started to grow."
McMurtie-Crawford, started to add featured deals and discounts for members to engender engagement and loyalty, and now counts over two thousand guest houses, independent hotels and bed and breakfasts as members. "We're not just about attracting hoteliers - around 10-15% of members own 'glamping' businesses, says McMurtie-Crawford."

Offering no 'live' inventory, room types, dates or availability the onus is on hoteliers to join the club to access the membership.

McMurtie-Crawford's target is to have ten thousand accommodation providers profiles by Summer 2016, and who would bet against her based on what Rooms 4 Owners has achieved so far?


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