Don't forget the basics

George Sell Uploaded

Leonie Bulman of BDRC Continental raises some interesting points in her article about the hierarchy of guest needs.

Firstly, while the industry as a whole is desperately trying to get its head around what millennial guests want - and I'm not saying this isn't valid and indeed vital - it shouldn't be forgotten that the Baby Boomer generation still makes up a significant proportion of current trade, both business and leisure. Don't alienate them in the headlong rush in to the future!

Secondly, while striking design, labour-saving devices and digital check-ins are all well and good, many guests still want to experience a warm human welcome.

One thing that unites all guest age groups is the need for reliable free wifi. I know from my own recent experience that a disappointing number of hotels are still not providing this, an oversight I find hard to understand.


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