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George is the editor of Boutique Hotel News, and has more than a decade's experience as a hospitality, property and travel journalist. He regularly contributes to a wide range of international publications and websites.

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Recent Articles

The big distribution shake up

Blog / 4 weeks ago

The phoney war is over. Airbnb has sent a shot across the bows of its competitors that will echo long and loud in the hospitality industry.

Major merger

Blog / 4 weeks ago

• Good luck to those at the helm of UKHospitality, the new body made up of the merged ALMR and BHA.

ALMR and BHA to merge and form UKHospitality

News / 4 weeks ago

UK: The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers and the British Hospitality Association have voted to merge ands form a single lobbying body for the UK hospitality sector.

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