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by George Sell

Boutique Hotel News editor

UK newspaper launches hotel booking service

UK newspaper launches hotel booking serviceFernie Castle treehouse is among the quirkier properties offerd on Guardian Destinations

UK: The Guardian has launched a hotel booking site giving access to independent properties around the world.

Guardian Destinations gives the newspaper's readers "access to a selection of some of the best independent hotels, guesthouses, apartments and villas around the world. As well as boutique hotels, Guardian Destinations will feature more unusual accommodation options, including castles and university halls of residence".

Sofia Rehn of Guardian Destinations said: "We wanted to widen our range beyond tours and city breaks, to enable our readers to personalise their getaways. All hotels will be individually chosen to ensure we offer the right mix."

The site says that among its quirkier options are Godwin House B&B, a Tudor farmhouse in Kent which boasts a room in England's oldest oasthouse, and Fernie Castle Treehouse (pictured), an arborial retreat in beautiful grounds near St Andrews.

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